MAPPER Computer System Investigation

Once well understood, your company's knowledge of critical MAPPER-based business applications has depleted to a point of corporate risk and potential liability.

Formula Consultants' MCSI Services and proprietary "Investigator" tool can perform a comprehensive and in-depth analysis of your MAPPER applications. Our services provide a management summary and publish a web-based documentation portal, allowing your staff to interactively browse and drill-down into your screens, RUNs, and cross-referenced databases.

Now you can evaluate, first-hand, the value of various integration and modernization initiatives which may affect your MAPPER application. You will clearly see the steps that will bring your organization closer to its business and technology goals:

  • Reduce operating costs.
  • Integrate legacy applications with strategy alliances.
  • Give users a more ergonomic interface.
  • Stay current with technology trends.

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Management Perspective -
Overcoming the Knowledge Gap
Usage Scenarios -
"The Case of..." Mini-Series

Technical View -
Proven Process with Powerful Tool

Deliverables - Results from MAPPER CSI Services

Remote Demo We can show you the power of MAPPER CSI and its tools through a convenient web-meeting room.
Proof of Concept We'll take a portion of your application and run it through the MAPPER CSI process, demonstrating how it enhances knowledge of your application.

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