Capacity Planning

FCI provides expert analysis to help our clients plan and adjust their system capacity needs based on their changing business environment. Ask yourself: Are the system needs of my business growing or shrinking?

If your system needs are growing, then you probably need the hottest new peripherals (usually tape drives or disk drives). The question then becomes: Will the existing channels and I/O subsystems handle them, or do you need new or different channels or I/O subsystem components? Or, are you moving toward a SAN (Storage Area Network) solution, in which case our consulting experts can help ensure that you have the optimum capacity as we custom integrate your new hardware.

If your system needs are shrinking, you probably have downsized the number of transactions you are processing, but need to keep your Unisys mainframe. Before it is time to renew your license, you should know how much capacity you really need. We can analyze your system and recommend an adjusted capacity that could save you thousands of dollars.

If your Unisys mainframe has capacity problems that
need to be analyzed and corrected, then . . . 

it’s time to call FCI !