FCI's Mission, Philosophy and Client Benefits

Our Mission

Formula Consultants Incorporated is dedicated to solving complex, challenging problems in a rich mix of legacy and modern computing environments to help its customers achieve their business objectives.

Our Philosophy

Our many customers know us for our quick response time, and our ability to work creatively and intensely to produce a superior solution to customer problems. We care about our customers’ success and we work hard to contribute to that success.

Our intense focus on service applies to our proprietary products, which we sell and support; and also to the software packages we develop and maintain for others to distribute. When large computer companies like Unisys or Storage Technology subcontract crucial technical work to us, we adopt their methods and processes; and meet or exceed their standards of performance. It’s obvious to us: FCI succeeds by making sure our clients succeed.

Our Market Focus

FCI excels in the Unisys market. We’ve been there when they were Sperry and Burroughs, and have stayed with our customers, helping them adapt to many waves of change brought by Unisys’s product improvements and the greater industry trends.

FCI distributes and supports third-party products, such as STAR-1100, a software tape management system; and OTS-1100, a terminal security package; and AccommoDATE, a comprehensive date simulator for testing. FCI-developed and marketed products set the standard for technical excellence and support service in the Unisys marketplace.

Our Clients' Benefits

For most companies, staff turnover is a constant problem, adding cost and risk to IT projects. In contrast, FCI has a very stable technical staff base, ensuring technical continuity on projects that often surpasses that of our clients. That is, FCI’s staff usually has greater longevity on the project than the corresponding staff in our clients’ organizations. For this reason, it is common for our clients to delegate overall project direction to our highly-experienced staff. A further client benefit is that, because key FCI engineers are available from the early development of a complex project through delivery, maintainance, and future enhancements, delivery costs are minimized while quality is maximized.

FCI engineers are highly adaptable to varying customer preferences in their business processes and “style.” We deliver to large organizations in government, military, and private industry; and are experienced in interfacing with DOD personnel in highly classified assignments. We also work productively with small entrepreneurial firms, or small business units inside larger corporations.

Our Success

There is no “secret” to FCI’s success. We earn our customers’ trust with highly skilled talent, straight-forward and honest communication, and years of experience in our customers’ focus areas. We’ve built solutions into the minute details of all areas of the IT spectrum, including networking, I/O, operating systems enhancements, performance tuning, database, communications protocols, terminal emulation, integration of foreign hardware devices, datacenter automation, web, wireless, and much more.