Sun-STK Integration Solution

Sun-StorageTek (Sun-STK) wanted to find new opportunities for their cartridge tape drives and robotic storage solutions. So they came to FCI.

Stk Storage Silo

They needed a lot more than your basic developer kind of consultant. They wanted a "soup-to-nuts" project performance -- from design to implementation to training to documentation. We did that.

Our experienced developers helped them expand into new markets. FCI integrated Sun-STK's existing technology with both of the Unisys mainframe platforms (2200 and A-Series), enabling them to deliver a new product to new customers. We created the Client System Component (CSC) application that provides controlling communications between the Unisys mainframe and Sun-STK's robotic tape silo.

FCI still maintains this more-than-15-year relationship, not only enhancing and upgrading the original CSC product, but also developing new products in the realm of tape storage and retrieval. FCI's hand in the game remains large today, providing support to Sun-STK's customers on a 24/7 basis.