The Biller-1100 computer billing system produces reports of computer resource utilization for the Unisys 1100/2200 series Computers, and calculates charges for the consumption of those resources. A cost center approach is used to allocate charges for computer usage. Users are charged only for their actual utilization of data processing resources.

Biller-1100 produces detailed listings of all run, mass storage, catalog tape, and STAR-1100 managed non-catalogued tape usage.

Some of the primary benefits of Biller-1100 are:

  • Run charges from user specified runs, as well as file storage charges, may be distributed across several accounts.
  • Charges can be distributed from specified account to other account to other accounts.
  • Provides the ability to charge for any miscellaneous item, including non data processing items, as either one-time or periodic activity.
  • Adjustments can be made to billing charges.
  • Integrates activity from multiple hosts into a unified set of reports.
  • Requires no changes to the Operating System (Exec).

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