Biller-1100 Product Specifications

Computer Chargeback System for the Unisys 1100/ 2200

The Biller-1100 computer billing system produces reports of computer resource utilization for the Unisys 1100/2200 series Computers, and calculates charges for the consumption of those resources. A cost center approach is used to allocate charges for computer usage. Users are charged only for their actual utilization of data processing resources.

Biller-1100 produces detailed listings of all run and file storage activity. Cataloged mass storage, and either cataloged tapes or STAR-1100 owned tapes, are both processed.

Why Biller-1100?

Whether for internal cost center billing, or external sharing of main frame resources, Biller-1100 is easily configurable to suit the situation. Its highly-regarded capability to produce detailed reports takes the guess-work out of every aspect of resource utilization. Reports are easily tailored to focus on one or a group of resources, and can be further categorized by users or projects.

Reports on overall system statistics not only illuminate the cost-effectiveness of current normal usage, but allow you to allocate by need, and therefore set pricing to an equitable advantage--in any world-wide currency. In short, Biller-1100 is indispensable for companies whose main frame usage exceeds the bounds of a single discreet user.

Biller-1100 Feature Summary

  • All system activity is captured: Batch, demand, TIP, and Mapper.
  • Full reporting on all cataloged file activity and either cataloged tapes or STAR-1100 owned tapes including tape and Mapper modes and types (cabinets and drawers).
  • Mapper activity is normalized to SUPS and tracks allowing comparison to other system activity.
  • Multiple hosts are supported.
  • Multiple Mapper systems per host are supported.
  • Usage data from non-1100/2200 systems may be integrated into Biller-1100.
  • Usage data may be extracted for integration into billing systems on non-1100/2200 systems (for instance, IBM).
  • Multiple reporting levels include corporate, division, system, account, project, and userid.
  • Year-to-date and prior year summaries at all reporting levels.
  • Full absorption accounting (required by many government agencies) is available.
  • Billing rates may vary by account.
  • A full range of discounts allowed (that is, batch, shift, holiday).
  • Special forms (printer) usage is reported and may be charged to the user.
  • Programming and data entry usage reported.
  • Charges may be allocated for miscellaneous charges, both D.P and non-D.P.
  • Detailed invoices are generated that show utilization and charges for all resources.
  • Overhead accounts are allowed.
  • Charges for a run or file may be distributed to multiple accounts.
  • All report headings may be customized for local languages without recompilation.
  • Support for international currency symbols, date formats, and decimal points.

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