AccommoDATE is a date simulation tool that enables Unisys mainframes to use a date other than today's date for program testing. It enables users who have a single system, or those who must use time on a production system, to test new programs or software modifications under a virtualized date without having to reboot and without affecting costly production runs.

Unisys users find AccommoDATE to be essential for testing date-sensitive software, such as quarterly or year-end programs. The primary benefits of AccommoDATE are:

  • AccommoDATE enables users to test a variety of programs over a range of dates, without arranging special time on a computer booted with a simulated test date. It also means that different programs may be tested simultaneously, each using a different date.
  • AccommoDATE requires no changes to existing runstreams or programs. Are you inserting special code to "date-test" your software, only to remove it after testing is completed? With AccommoDATE installed on your system, you can place your programs directly into production after testing, without code modifications.

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