Custom Software

Following our solutions methodology that has led to a long list of satisfied customers, FCI researches and comprehensively defines every client's unique requirements. As is often the case, our clients have a need to integrate multiple systems and components that currently have no way of communicating or working together. It is in this arena that the expertise of the FCI Team is most readily apparent.

In the process of creating custom software, we also study ways to automate previously manual functions of our client's business. Our ultimate goal at FCI has always been to enhance the revenue and net profit of our clients. We pride ourselves that we have done this many times in our long history.

Security Monitoring

The project handed to FCI was to create a system for home arrest monitoring services to local and state authorities.

FCI implemented a web-based Administration application for ease of access and portability, while a user-friendly PC-based application was created for the Interview application. Both applications tied into a SQL database, which kept subject records, test schedules, test results information, and still photos taken from the live-camera interview. A third corollary application was created to produce automatic reports of violations.

Besides standard communications to the Db, the system also includes a video modem that transmits over a POTS line for video connectivity. Snapshots from the video of testing are saved in the Db for use in court. A court case has never been lost when these photos are presented, and legal challenges to the technology of this system have never been successful. Read more about this project.

Client System Component Software

FCI developed the Client System Component (CSC) software for a robotic tape system tied to a Unisys mainframe. This software is still fielded internationally. In fact, Unisys pays us to maintain it, including the ongoing development of supportive enhancements to the Unisys OS as newer platforms are released.

The CSC software is a Client-Server application between two servers. The application generates operational communications between the Unisys client in the mainframe and the robotics server (Unix or IBM) using network protocols. CSC uses electronic messaging to perform robotic movements for tape mounts.    Read more about CSC.

Ultimately, FCI is known for its ability to integrate multiple technologies, both hardware and software, to create custom solutions. These solutions range in scope from small, integrated middle-ware layers to large, complex systems with many and varied facets. We make system components talk to each other.

If your problem requires a custom solution, then . . . 

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