STAR Library Manager

STAR Library Manager (LIBMGR) is software that enables OS 2200 to use the tape automation services of the DSI Virtual Tape Library (VTL) and the DSI Physical Tape Library (PTL). LIBMGR executes as a background program with an interface for console operations. It has active and ongoing interaction with STAR-1100 and the OS 2200 operating system, and extends data protection, library management and highly productive tape operations into your virtual tape environment.

Library Manager ensures that user tape requests intended for the DSI VTL or PTL are directed to those devices. LIBMGR obtains scratch pool services from STAR-1100 so that scratch pool requests are managed from common resources.

Library Manager can support multiple VTL libraries from a single OS 2200 system. It can also participate in an enterprise of multiple OS 2200 systems connected to one or several VTL libraries. In conjunction with VTL offerings, the Library Manager configurations afford flexibility for achieving numerous solutions for resilient operations and disaster recovery.

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