FCI Services

  Our Charter:
     "Providing clients with custom-built, state-of-the-art,     
      computer solutions to enhance their bottom line."     

As stated above, FCI's charter is to ensure the best solution for every customer's unique problem . . . with the ultimate goal being to enhance the client's revenue and business growth. We at FCI take pride in knowing that our services create a business climate that continues to provide benefits long after our work is done.

To learn more about what we've accomplished for a variety of businesses, and what we can do for you, click the name of one of our Services below, or visit our Success Stories page.

Systems Integration

Make your disparate hardware/software information processing systems communicate and exchange data.
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Custom Software

Let us build you a unique solution, and ensure its longevity through design that considers all operating elements including hardware.
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MAPPER Services

Close the "Knowledge Gap" by documenting your MAPPER application.
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Convert your MAPPER data and applications from one computing platform to another, while maintaining program functionality and data integrity.
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Internet Application

Whatever you need -- from on-line ordering to credit card processing, shipment tracking, or secured access -- we can make it happen for you.
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Data Center Services

Use our up-to-date Unisys resources for your development and testing.
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Performance Analysis

We answer questions like, "Which application, middleware component, or hardware module is responsible for my throughput crunch?"
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Capacity Planning

Right-size your system to the growing or shrinking needs of your business.
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