MAPPER Services

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FCI conducts tool-lead knowledge recovery services that provide a number of choices regarding your current MAPPER applications.

Our expert consultants use FCI's proprietary MAPPER INVESTIGATOR software to produce a customized web portal that reports on the structure of runs, data, and business processes in your system. With this knowledge, you can more easily maintain existing code or understand the requirements for transformation to another platform.

FCI has performed full-service migrations that entail the conversion of data and applications from one computing platform to another, while maintaining program functionality and data integrity. The Boeing Company is among FCI's many satisfied migration customers.

Read a success story about a major migration project conducted by FCI.

Key Benefits of FCI MAPPER Services:

  • Experienced Solution Providers with Proven Track Record
  • Significant Reduction in Annual Operating Costs
  • Positioned for Future Application Requirements
  • Modernization of IT Architecture