Internet Application Development

FCI has been a leader over the years in the advancement of new business features for use over the internet, beginning with "bread and butter" capabilities, such as direct on-line ordering through "shopping cart" interfaces. 

FCI was one of the early pioneers of inventory and shipment tracking via browser-based applications. FCI has created e-business web applications for numerous companies, often integrating existing back-end systems to form a seamless solution. Such projects have saved these client companies and their customers thousands of dollars, while ensuring prompt delivery of critical product.

Combining video capture with the elements of a central database and Internet browser communication, FCI has also developed unique video monitoring applications for members of the security industry.

FCI web development projects have further included a credit card processing system to secure advanced reservations at world-wide vacation resorts. FCI built a fully automated and secure credit card web application that enables quick verification and processing of credit card information, resulting in a higher level of service for our clients' customers.