Award Winning Video Monitoring Solution

An FCI Application Success Story

One of our most rewarding projects in the last number of years involved video monitoring. FCI developed a Windows-based, front-end application for a prominent remote-video manufacturing company that wanted to provide its product to smaller businesses such as convenience stores and to home users. The application became an integral part of a commercially available system designed to transmit color full-motion video and audio over conventional telephone system lines. The system enables the monitoring of any location from a desktop or laptop PC. We are proud to know that our work continues to contribute to the security of businesses and homes across the country.

FCI's application development efforts helped our client win the following awards:

  • Best Communication Product, British Security Industry Association
  • Judge's Choice Award for Best Product, ISC New York
  • Practitioner's Choice Award for Best Product, ISC New York
  • Product Achievement Award for Best Product in CCTV Category, ISC New York

Video Monitoring Solution. The FCI-developed application serves as the interface for transmitting color full-motion video and audio from remote locations to a PC over plain old telephone service (POTS).