An Innovative Web Development and Wireless Solution

An innovative use of web development and wireless data communications is reflected in the development work that FCI performed for a company that produces a stolen vehicle recovery system. A key feature of the product is its unique stolen vehicle deactivation system.

Web Development

The project goals were to develop a web presence that would not only market the product on-line, but would also provide secured access to proprietary information for dealers and installers of the product. FCI contributed its IT expertise and experience to the creation of a web site that meets those goals through new applications development along with complete integration of the new software modules.


Once the recovery system's hardware was developed, the manufacturers wanted to enhance the product by providing GPS tracking, remote customer access, and a web-based interface application. By utilizing FCI-tailored wireless communications and an FCI-developed web interface, vehicle location and other generated information can now be tracked during a stolen vehicle episode.

FCI's contribution includes protocols and applications for sending and receiving wireless data communications. When a vehicle is stolen, the owner calls a number that notifies the system and activates the tracking mechanism. In addition to notifying the relevant authorities, the system then tracks the stolen vehicle using a vehicle-mounted GPS (global positioning system) unit to pinpoint its exact location. Through the use of FCI-developed software, the system can alert the driver of the vehicle with a programmed voice-alert of impending vehicle shut down. Once shutdown is initiated, the vehicle is slowly disabled, allowing a safe stop and preventing further use of the vehicle. Operators at a central location use an integrated browser-based application to send and receive information pertaining to a stolen vehicle episode.