Remote Video for Sobriety Testing

Two FCI Application Success Stories

CSSS, an industry leader in security monitoring, wanted to offer home arrest monitoring services to local and state authorities. They chose FCI to develop a unique video monitoring application that combines Microsoft Windows-based software and low-cost, remote video cameras. This specialized application enables operators at a central location to perform sobriety tests via remote video cameras. The application, developed for Sentencing Alternatives, a division of CSSS, uses a central database of test subjects and a predetermined schedule to automatically initiate video calls to remote camera units.

The solution combines Sentencing Alternatives' Video Information Capture (VICAP)® Client Interview Application (a Windows NT server-based Administration Application) with a central database and Internet browser communication capability for reporting test results to various government agencies.


FCI's Remote Video Solution. The VICAP® system transmits a full-color live video picture of the client along with the breath analyzer readout to the monitoring center. Results can be captured for the record as a still color photo.