Products for the Unisys Platform

Formula Consultants' line of award-winning products includes:

Enterprise Storage


ESP-Dorado provides new visibility into your Unisys Dorado system. Users can monitor all aspects of their disk and tape assets by browsing through ESP’s graphical dashboard. Click on interactive charts to reveal dynamic and customizable file, element, and tape lists. Drill-down on elements to display source code or auto-launch Unisys Eclipse for OS 2200 for live editing. For problems that can’t be solved from a top-down approach, use ESP’s Google-like search feature and result list to attack issues from the bottom-up.

System for Tape
Administration and


A standard in the industry, STAR-1100 offers unprecedented levels of protection for vital corporate data tapes. STAR-1100 automates laborious and potentially error prone manual procedures.

STAR Library Manager
Control and Mgmt
of your DSI VTL

Library Manager Logo

Enables the attachment of the DSI VTL to your 2200 system. Enterprise level management of your virtual tapes and close integration with STAR-1100 for scratch pools and scratch synchronization.

IDS 2200

IDS Logo

IDS 2200 reduces the security risk to your OS 2200 system by providing continuous monitoring of security threats and violations. It includes flexible reporting and configurable real-time alerts.

Online Terminal

OTS Logo

A powerful extension to existing OS-1100 security software, OTS-1100 provides an effective means of securing your enterprise data from unauthorized use, tampering, or theft.

Date Simulation
Testing Software

AccommoDATE Logo

AccommoDATE assists businesses facing extensive date-sensitive testing. It enables them to set a simulated date for program testing without having to reboot and without affecting costly production runs.

Usage Reporting
and Accounting

Biller-1100 Logo

Using a cost center approach, Biller-1100 creates detailed reports to allocate system usage charges. Biller-1100 is the perfect answer for both internal and external accountability of runs, storage, or one-time activities.

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