IDS 2200

Intrusion Detection System 2200 (IDS 2200) reduces the threat of attacks on your UNISYS OS 2200 system and its data by monitoring security related events and responding to alert conditions which you have configured in the product. IDS 2200 helps move your OS 2200 system in the direction of mainstream practices in governance, compliance and security awareness.

The IDS 2200 agent, running on an OS 2200 host, continuously collects data from numerous system sources and aggregates the data on a network-connected client workstation. The IDS Client, running on a workstation, displays the data gathered by the agent: either current data, or historical data within a user-defined time range. Authorized IDS users apply filters to focus their viewing on classes of security events which are of interest.

Security administrators define alerts in IDS, based on your organization’s compliance and security policies. The alerts can be configured to take immediate action to minimize or eliminate a security threat via actions which include terminating a user session.

In the past, you may have considered your UNISYS mainframe to be relatively safe due to its limited exposure to external networks. Now, IDS 2200 gives you visibility and responsiveness to monitor and manage security related events regardless of the threat sources.

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