On-line Ordering, Inventory, and Shipment Tracking

An FCI Application Success Story

FCI Provides On-line Ordering, Inventory, and Shipment Tracking

When Chiron Vision, a division of Bausch & Lomb, needed to automate their customer reordering system, they turned to Formula Consultants. Chiron supplies doctors and clinics with replacement lenses for cataract patients. FCI developed a complete e-business web application that enables Chiron's customers to order lenses and insertion devices directly on-line. The application also tracks customers' inventories and provides a quick and ready means of tracking order shipments. This saved Chiron and its customers thousands of dollars, reduced customer frustration, and ensured prompt delivery of critical product. FCI also successfully integrated the ordering solution with Chiron's back-end Baan ERP system.

FCI Provides Credit Card Processing

RCIRM (formerly RCIM), a division of Cendant Corporation and a leading supplier of services to time-share property owners, needed to automate their reservation credit card processing. FCI built a fully automated and secure credit card web application that enables RCIRM's reservation facility to quickly process and verify credit card information. The result: a higher level of service for RCIRM's customer base.


FCI's Solution for RCI Resort Management. After implementing their FCI-built web site, RCIRM received unsolicited feedback from their customers stating that they now found it faster and easier to make advance reservations at their favorite vacation resorts.