Chemical Supply Tracking and Inventory

Chemical Supply Tracking and Inventory For Basic Chemical Systems (BCS), FCI developed an Internet system to track and inventory chemical supply tanks. BCS wanted the ability to know, at any time, the level of product in any given tank. This capability currently enables BCS to refill the tanks when necessary, freeing their customers from the concerns of monitoring and manually re-ordering critical supplies.

FCI worked side-by-side with the BCS hardware team to design the web-based application and supply the necessary middleware to ensure the timely success of the system. This project also introduced FCI's proprietary solution for applications using MicroBurst™ technology for transmitting data packets on control channels in cellular networks. FCI's solution manages both the forward control channel (FOCC) utilized for paging, and the reverse control channel (RECC) used for MicroBurst packet transmission.

By taking advantage of FCI's expertise, BCS has positioned itself a step above its competitors.