Overcoming the Knowledge Gap

So your corporation is facing any number of organizational issues or industry trends. How do you effectively plan for change? Common sense says that you need some form of baseline to move forward. But who is still around to help define that baseline? If you are like many MAPPER customers you're knowledgeable staff has been depleted through re-assignment, retirement, or downsizing.


Organizational Issues

  • Cost Containment
  • Integrating Platforms
  • Governance
  • Acquisition or Merger

Industry Trends

  • Open Systems
  • Web/Mobile Accessible
  • Newer Technologye


Insufficient knowledge of the application is one key barrier in managing change. MAPPER data and RUN logic in legacy formats is often incompatible with modern systems.

MAPPER CSI is a tool-led service to analyze your applications and deliver study documents showing you how to deal with your important MAPPER applications.

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Management Slide Show (10 Min) MAPPER CSI Deliverables

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