Results from MAPPER CSI Services


WEB Portal

MAPPER CSI publishes a web-based portal from the findings stored in the Repository. Documentation gathered on application components harvested, prepared, and analyzed are published for browser viewing. The home portal and application pages provide summary information showing "big picture" results. Component lists provide for conveniently switching among RUN, data, and screen views.

Click on the "WEB Portal" hyperlink to view sample documentation. Narrative has been added to some of the automatically published web pages to assist with first-time navigation. Use the "Play Narrative" button to listen to a brief introduction where available. Note: Narratives require Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher.

Executive Summary Read recommendations for your next steps, based on the comprehensive analysis.
Management Presentation Learn about FCI’s recommendations within the context of the entire study. Understand how your staff can perform further research using the portal and how additional analysis in focused areas can move your business initiatives further along.