FCI Enters Into Agreement To Acquire
P2 Software Inc. Assets

ANAHEIM, CA - Formula Consultants Incorporated (FCI) announced today that the company has entered into an agreement to acquire assets currently owned by P2 Software, Inc., a Texas-based corporation with headquarters in Dallas. Under the agreement, P2 Software Inc. will sell a limited number of their software products to FCI. The products in question are in keeping with FCI’s long-standing industry leadership in the areas of automated tape management systems and resource utilization accounting for Unisys mainframes.

Further, the agreement calls for FCI to assume the P2 Software Inc. customer base for the newly-acquired products. “Our Customer Support organization, with our state-of-the-art data center, is well-equipped to provide comprehensive service to our new customers,” said FCI President, R. Joseph Dale. FCI’s support organization currently provides 24/7 support for their flagship product, STAR-1100 (tape administration and reporting), as well as their acclaimed OTS-1100 (online terminal security) and AccommoDATE (date simulation testing) products. “We not only expect to implement a seamless transition of customer support from P2 to FCI, but are looking forward to working closely with our new customer base to tailor our services and expertise to complement their business goals,” said Dale.

About Formula Consultants Incorporated

Founded in 1978, FCI is a software development and consulting firm, whose products include STAR-1100 and OTS-1100, two of the most successful third-party vendor products for Unisys 1100/2200 users. FCI also developed and markets AccommoDATE, used for large-system testing requiring date simulation. FCI has successfully provided a wide spectrum of real-world solutions to all levels of government and private companies, and offers a full range of software development services from analysis and design through code, test, documentation, implementation, education, and support.

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