FCI Completes Asset Purchase Agreement
With P2 Software Inc.

ANAHEIM, CA - Formula Consultants Inc. (FCI) is pleased to announce the completion of the asset purchase agreement with P2 Software, Inc. in which FCI has acquired all rights, as well as the customer base, for the Biller-1100 and TMS-2200 products. All customers with installations of these two products have been notified of the acquisition; and that, going forward, FCI will continue to provide complete and comprehensive technical service for all users with up-to-date service agreements.


The Biller-1100 computer billing system produces reports of computer resource utilization for the Unisys 1100/2200 series Computers, and calculates charges for the consumption of those resources. A cost center approach is used to allocate charges for computer usage. Users are charged only for their actual utilization of data processing resources.

Biller-1100 produces detailed listings of all run and file storage activity. Cataloged mass storage, and either cataloged tapes or STAR-1100 owned tapes, are both processed.

Some of the primary benefits of Biller-1100 are:

  • Run charges from user specified runs, as well as file storage charges, may be distributed across several accounts.
  • Charges can be distributed from specified account to other accounts.
  • Provides the ability to charge for any miscellaneous item, including non data processing items, as either one-time or periodic activity.
  • Adjustments can be made for billing errors.
  • Integrates activity from multiple hosts into a unified set of reports.
  • Requires no changes to the Operating System (Exec).

Based on customer surveys and user feedback, FCI plans to continue developing enhancements and new features for the Biller-1100 product.

Biller inquiries or support, email FCI at biller@formula.com


The TMS-2200 product is a tape management system for the Unisys 1100, 2200, and ClearPath environments. While TMS-2200 product support will continue for TMS-2200 customers with up-to-date service agreements, FCI has announced that TMS-2200 is a “capped” product – that is, no new enhancement or feature development is planned.

FCI encourages current customers of TMS-2200 who are looking for a more robust and feature-rich upgrade to migrate to its STAR-1100 product. STAR-1100 is continually under development, and remains the leading product of its kind for tape storage and retrieval.

For TMS-2200 inquiries or support, email FCI at tms@formula.com.

For STAR-1100 inquiries, email FCI at star@formula.com.

About Formula Consultants Incorporated

Founded in 1978, FCI is a software development and consulting firm, whose products include STAR-1100 and OTS-1100, two of the most successful third-party vendor products for Unisys 1100/2200 users. FCI also developed and markets AccommoDATE, used for large-system testing requiring date simulation. FCI has successfully provided a wide spectrum of real-world solutions to all levels of government and private companies, and offers a full range of software development services from analysis and design through code, test, documentation, implementation, education, and support.

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