FCI Announces Installation of New Unisys Mainframe

ANAHEIM, CA - Formula Consultants Incorporated (FCI) announces the installation of a  Unisys ClearPath Plus Dorado mainframe at its corporate facilities in Anaheim, California. Together with FCI's current development machine, the ClearPath HMP IX 4800, the newly-installed Dorado boosts the capabilities of FCI's data center with state-of-the-art technology for developing and testing its Unisys mainframe software products.

New Architecture

The ClearPath Plus Dorado is one of Unisys' new generation of mainframes built with a modular architecture and self-servicing components. "Our company focuses on creating unique solutions for customers in both mainframe and server-based environments," said R. Joseph Dale, FCI's President. "And that requires a data center with the latest and greatest technology. We're now ahead of the curve in providing support for new and existing customers."

The new Dorado mainframe positions FCI to pursue the development of additional features within its standard software products, including the STAR-1100 system for tape administration and reporting. The Dorado will also be used for customizing and testing the FCI-developed StorageTek Client System Component (CSC) product, which provides an interface for administrators, programmers, operations personnel and end users between Unisys mainframes and StorageTek's automated tape library systems.

About Formula Consultants Incorporated

Founded in 1978, FCI is a software development and consulting firm, whose products include STAR-1100 and OTS-1100, two of the most successful third-party vendor products for Unisys 1100/2200 users. FCI also developed and markets AccommoDATE, used for large-system testing requiring date simulation. FCI has successfully provided a wide spectrum of real-world solutions to all levels of government and private companies, and offers a full range of software development services from analysis and design through code, test, documentation, implementation, education, and support.

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