Employment Opportunity - Systems Engineer

Formula Consultants Inc. is seeking a qualified individual with expertise in the maintenance and development of software running under the Unisys OS-2200 operating system. Knowledge of OS-2200 internal structures is highly desirable. OS-2200 programming skills are highly desirable. This includes: MASM, C (under OS 2200) and SSG. Competence in programming installation procedures related to COMUS and SOLAR is a plus. Candidates should have a minimum 5 years experience working with OS-2200 and related systems software. Candidates should have good communication skills, both written and verbal, and be able to interact with customers while providing technical support for FCI products.

FCI offers a comprehensive set of benefits including company paid vacation, health and dental coverage, a 401K plan and others. Formula Consultants Inc. is an equal opportunity employer.

Interested candidates, please send your resume and a description of your work experience to:

E-Mail     jobs@formula.com
Mail Formula Consultants Inc.
PO Box 544
Anaheim, Ca 92815
Attn: Employment
Phone 714-778-0123 X106

Formula Consultants is at the forefront of tape automation, security, and software supporting enterprise operations for the OS 2200 community.