STAR-1100 Product Specifications

STAR-1100 (System for Tape Management and Reporting) is a complete software system for managing tape resources for UNISYS Series 1100 and 2200 mainframe computers. It does away with laborious manual procedures and offers an unprecedented level of data protection. A large and growing user community in thirteen countries has made STAR-1100 the standard against which other tape management systems are measured.

Why Tape Management?

It's easy to take magnetic tape storage for granted. Yet your company's tape library is one of its most vital assets. Knowledge and control of your tape library is critical when the cost of recreating lost data is considered.

STAR-1100 Feature Summary

  • Provides on-line tape protection and security for all tapes, labeled or unlabeled.
  • Collects and records tape usage information automatically, including tape ownership.
  • Functions with the official Media Manager ILES (Independently Linked Exec Subsystem) and requires no local code in the Exec.
  • Offers multiple language support for displaying Media Manager messages in a language other than English.
  • Functions in Fundamental or Security Option 1, 2, or 3 environments.
  • Supports ASCII and EBCDIC labeled tapes.
  • Contains an interactive inquiry/update utility for the librarian and other users under strict security controls. Extensive on-line help is available within the program.
  • Controls a virtually unlimited number of tapes in a single tape library.
  • Includes a Vault Management Subsystem (VMS) which manages the transfer of tapes to and from offsite locations
  • Includes a feature that allows storing tapes via slot number and easily retrieving these tapes at assign time by notifying the operator of a tape's designated slot.
  • Provides a Shared Library Subsystem (SLS) which allows multiple 1100/2200 systems to maintain a single tape library. SLS supports GASIF, NETEX, and TSAM communications links. It also includes an automated means to merge multiple tape libraries into a single library and report any discrepancies.
  • Contains a MAPPER interface and QLP-1100 Report Subsystem for generating customized reports.
  • Includes a Scratch and Clean utility to maintain a scratch pool, automate scratch criteria, and monitor the cleaning process of all tapes. It also provides special protection for FAS backup tapes to ensure they are not scratched prematurely.
  • Contains a Label Printing Subsystem to automatically print gummed labels for round or cartridge output tapes.
  • Provides an Automated Library Subsystem (ALS) to interface with UNISYS or STK Cartridge Tape Libraries.
  • Protects tape library data via comprehensive back-up and recovery processes.
  • Provides automatic handling of foreign tapes without creating a record in the database.
  • Includes the Automatic Attribute Feature (AAF) which eliminates the need to make ECL changes or manual entries to accommodate STAR-1100's enhanced tape handling criteria.
  • Serves administrative needs by providing an extensive set of reports. This includes reports based on volume, filename, vault name, owner, statistics, or an audit report based on tape usage history.
  • Contains a labeling utility to relabel, dump, or unlabel a tape. An on-line interface to the Media Manager within the program ensures tape protection when labeling tapes.
  • Includes a utility for creating or adding records to the on-line database.
  • All STAR-1100 features are highly configurable allowing extensive site customization.

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