OTS-1100 Product Specifications

OTS-1100 (Online Terminal Security System) is a sophisticated on-line security system designed for users of UNISYS 1100 and 2200 mainframe computers. It provides an effective means of securing your sensitive programs and data from unauthorized use, tampering or theft.

With OTS-1100, you can selectively control access to terminals, transaction programs and MAPPER runs. OTS-1100 can validate access to transactions in a completely transparent fashion. None of your existing programs have to be rewritten so your expensive investment in software development is protected. Plus, our exclusive dual-access protection scheme enables you to match users with a specific group of terminals. This means even though individuals are authorized to run a program from their office, they might be prohibited from doing so from a remote dial-up site.

OTS-1100 Provides Unified TIP and MAPPER Security

OTS-1100 is the only on-line security system that offers a unified security umbrella for both TIP and MAPPER applications. You only need assign a single user-ID/password combination to each user since it is effective for TIP and MAPPER systems. As a bonus, OTS-1100 lets users execute both TIP and MAPPER transactions from the same session without having to sign-off from one system and then sign-on to another.

OTS-1100 level 6R6 is currently available for distribution.

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