Client Program

Our ESP Client was designed to serve today’s needs with a single organized view of your OS 2200 “Corporate Assets”. It supports all levels of your IT organization by providing multiple tools for usage, analysis, discovery, and content access within your Unisys 2200 platform for both physical and virtual media. Content is at your fingertips through either its dashboard/list drill-down function or search assistant alternative. All of this without the knowledge of a multitude of OS 2200 utility programs (i.e. @MFD, @FAS, @STAR, @TOCED, @FILEDIT, @FLIST, @PRT, @ED, etc.). So it doesn’t matter if your knowledge worker is a forgetful “Grey Hair”, new hire, or merger appointed CTO. All can improve productivity through our ESP-Dorado features!

ESP ScreenShots

Easy To Use - Top-Down or Bottom-Up Tools for
CTOs, Managers, and Programmers